June, 2012

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Success Story: Cathy Bernhardt Plevy

My testimonial to an incredibly inspiring woman/friend: Although I don’t live close enough to physically train with April, the mental training I receive from reading her posts and inspirational messages are invaluable. They have truly gotten me through some pretty tough days. I am grateful that we found each other after so many years and proud to know her.

I have come to rely on her for my daily affirmations. Where I had been hard on myself about some aspects of my life – I don’t feel that way any longer. We all have something to tackle, and tackling those things together makes it so much easier and bearable. Thank you friend! =) Hugs

— Cathy Bernhardt Plevy

Success Story: Rick Speas

April Hartsook is an amazing person, athlete and motivator. She possesses the unique ability to challenge individuals to excel in life and to face life’s challenges with courage and a determination to overcome and succeed.

I was one of April’s students at the YMCA for over 3 years. I am 50 years old and I am in the best physical condition of my life. She challenged me to do things in her classes that I never dreamed I could accomplish. She instilled in me a self-confidence and I have a try-anything confidence in her. If April tells me to try some exercise, however ridiculous it may seem to me, I will give it my best effort. She helped me to believe that I can do whatever she asks me to try.

There is more to April than just her physical ability and incredible understanding of how to get the best out of her students. April’s enthusiasm and energy are contagious. She makes challenging classes fun and exciting. She teaches life lessons in the process of teaching exercise classes. She is an amazing motivator and encourager. She has a tremendous heart for those that have been through or are going through some of life difficulties. She helps people to see beyond their circumstances.  

In fact, because of April’s encouragement, training, motivation and inspiration, I am actually a group exercise instructor at the YMCA now teaching classes like April taught me to teach. I am having a wonderful experience doing the things April taught me to do. She is my trainer, motivator and friend! I recommend April Hartsook to you. You will never be same … and it’s a good thing!

— Rick Speas