About April


Want Different Do Different™ #WDDD®

“April” (adj. bold, bright, a free-spirit, strong, unstoppable, driven, energized)

April Hartsook is a TELLY® Award Winning Health and Wellness Philanthropist, Author, and TV Personality. She is the visionary CEO of WDDD® Enterprises. As the creator and driving force behind the Want Different Do Different™ Global Lifestyle Movement and WDDD® Lifestyle Brand – her no nonsense, tough love approach, captivates, engages and challenges audiences worldwide.
As a successful CEO, Motivational Speaker, Master Coach, Public Figure, Author, TV Personality, Iron Distance Triathlete, Ultra Runner, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Model, she thrives on empowering others to live up to their utmost potential.

She is a bold, bright, opinionated, impulsive, fun, and an absolutely unstoppable motivational force of nature. Her New Book Want Different Do Different™ “It’s MORE than Fitness” ©2016 is on it’s way to the NYTIMES Best Seller List.

She is the wife, mother, daughter, and sister of retired career military men, and her patriotism is fierce! She established a non-profit 501c3 foundation: HartsooksHeroes. Dedicated to wounded women amputees of war. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Management & Marketing from the University of North Carolina Greensboro and attended the Université Dauphine Paris, France and the H.E.C. School of Management in Bordeaux, France studying abroad for her MBA.

The mindset of our world continues to spiral out of control, Corporate culture, entitlement, self-centeredness are killing the potential growth of this nation. Companies large and small, the educational system in America, the obesity state of this nation, and the socio-psychological state of our world – continue to point fingers, place blame, deny the issues and ask why me?…. Don’t YOU think it’s time to Do Different?