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April Hartsook Competing For A Cure for ALS

April Hartsook ALS Fight
ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease is a slow and silent killer that attacks the muscles in the body. First, it robs people of the ability to walk, then their ability to talk and finally their ability to breathe.

Piedmont resident April Hartsook is trying to fight ALS by using her muscles with the goal of competing in one of the most demanding sporting events in the world: The Ironman Triathlon!

You can vote for April at

There is a walk to defeat ALS in Winston-Salem on Saturday at BB&T Field. Registration is at 9 a.m. and the walk begins at 10 a.m.

by Kevin Connolly, FOX8

KONA for Karen and ALS

KONA for Karen and ALS

Tracey McCain and April Hartsook Lead A Group of Women Trying To Reach Fitness Goals

WFMY – 2 A New You

Greensboro, NC – We all want to look and feel great.  The problem is, we want fast results and that never gets us anywhere.  It’s a process.  That’s why over the next six months, WFMY News 2’s Tracey McCain will be spearheading a new series called 2 A New You.

Tracey and Fitness Philanthropist April Hartsook will lead and train a group of women who all want to reach their fitness goals.

The women in the group are Jessica Culler, Angie Hinshaw, Tammy Sullivan, Mitra Higgins, Heather Waddell and Kelli Carpenter.  For the next six months April Hartsook will work with them on the four key areas of life:

Mental ( in our capacity to control what we think )

Emotional ( in our capacity to control how we allow events and others to determine how we feel)

Physical ( in our capacity to change the condition of our bodies through healthier choices and exercise)

Spiritual ( in our capacity to find love and support in each other and surround ourselves with those who wish to see us succeed and who are willing to help get us there)

“My goal is to teach the world that we are responsible for the condition we find ourselves in and when we place expectations upon ourselves to get results.  When we are willing to do something different, the cycle never ends,” said Hartsook.


Wednesday on the Good Morning Show we took the first steps by throwing out the scale, recording measurements and taking pictures instead.  This way the women could set realistic and obtainable goals.

Each participant in the group has a different goal.  “I want to be there for my 20-month-old son,” said Angie Hinshaw.  “I want to keep up with him and do things with him.

Watch with us as these women transform their attitudes and bodies over the next six months.  We’ll continue to update you on WFMY News 2’s the Good Morning Show and on facebook.  You can also visit for more information.


WFMY News 2

Move It and Lose It – It Takes Two to Tango

Move It Challenge – It Takes Two to Tango

Making A Change for the Better

Monica never thought she would be registered to participate in the upcoming Ramblin’ Rose Women’s Triathlon. She was a self-proclaimed “coach potato” over-eating to cope with a painful past. Her beauty pageant title in high school was a distant memory.

When she looked in the mirror before work one morning last March, she didn’t like what she saw. Tipping the scales at more than 260 pounds, she was miserable. Out of breath when she wanted to play with her grandchildren, struggling to have a positive attitude at work and at home, she knew she needed a change. The first step was changing her outlook. The next step was a weight loss program* that helped her build healthier habits.

A long-time member and occasional visitor of the Yadkin Family YMCA, Monica began to use her membership to its fullest capacity. “The trainers at the Y were just so helpful and encouraging,” she shared. “The people believing in me helped me believe in myself.”

Pushing herself just a bit farther each workout, embracing healthier eating habits, and trying new exercises was what she needed to change. Today, she is down 42 pounds and armed with a sunnier outlook. “Even my coworkers notice my attitude is a total change from this time last year.”

“The [Y trainers] told me I was stronger than I thought I was,” Monica said. That encouragement helped her feel confident enough to start training with Fleet Feet Sports for the Ramblin’ Rose Women’s Triathlon, which trains for the swimming portion of the event at the William G. White, Jr. Family YMCA.

“If I can do this, anyone can do it,” Monica says of her transformation. She wants other women who may be feeling the same sense of hopelessness she did just a few short months ago that change truly is possible and the Y can help you get there.

*Note, Monica’s journey first began with the Move it Lose It Challenge with Forsyth Woman Magazine and her trainer April Hartsook.

Making a Change

Iron Woman Competes for Fallen Friend

April Hartsook Ironman Triathlon

April Hartsook Ironman Triathlon

Noted fitness instructor April Hartsook has entered the prestigious and grueling EnduraFit Ironman 70.3 Triathlon, which takes place June 10 in Cambridge, Maryland.

The Triathlon involves a 1.2 mile Swim, a 56 mile Bike ride, and a 13.1 mile Run “The Ironman race is really a test of your physical and mental toughness”, said April Hartsook. “It’s also a chance to compete against professional tri-athletes from around the world” .

But April’s participation isn’t just an extension of her work as a personal trainer and fitness instructor.

“I chose to do this event as a demonstration of my personal fight against ALS, which took the life of my friend and mentor Jon ‘Blazeman’ Blais,” said Hartsook.

Race officials say that this year’s Ironman event will present great challenges due to extreme conditions such as heat, winds, choppy waters, and lack of shade.

“This Ironman competition is not as tough as Jon and others who suffer with ALS, but I race because I can. I hope that by raising awareness, we can raise enough money, so that one day soon we can find a cure”, said Hartsook.

In addition, at the conclusion of the event, special recognition will be given to some of the outstanding participants.

“In honor of Jon, we will be giving the Blazeman Spirit Award to Ironman athletes who exhibit the spirit which Jon shared with all of us!” said Hartsook.

To make a donation visit

To register for the event visit

For more information on My ALS DONATION WEBSITE visit

Here is a link to why IRONMAN EAGLEMAN IS IMPORTANT. I won this in 2010:

Noted Trainer to Support Paralyzed Vets

April Hartsook on bike

April Hartsook on bike

April Hartsook, Personal Training guru, will partner with paralyzed vets in the upcoming “Capital Clash on the Potomac” bass fishing tournament.

In the tournament, Ms. Hartsook along with professional fishermen, or “Bassmasters”, will team with paralyzed Veterans who otherwise wouldn’t be able to participate in boat fishing.

“I will be with them on the dock to assist with baiting and prep work. But mainly we just want to make it possible for these vets to get outside and enjoy the fresh air”, said Hartsook. “I come from a long line of military men, at least six generations, so I am truly honored that I can give something back”.

“Capital Clash on the Potomac” is being held on June 8, 9 and 10, at 2750 Sweden Point Road, Marbury MD 20658.

To register or for more information, visit

Hartsook to Judge “Art at the Heart”

Noted personal trainer, April Hartsook, has volunteered to judge an art show on Friday, May 4, from 10am until 3:00pm, at Old Richmond Elementary School. The show is part of “Art at the Heart”, a local program that enhances children’s appreciation for different kinds of art.

Prizes will be awarded for the first place winner in each grade and in each category of art, with medals awarded for 2nd and 3rd place finishers, and participation ribbons for all students. In addition, a Best in Show prize will be awarded for k-2nd grade and 3rd-5th grade.

Contest categories will include drawing, painting, photography, clay, mosaic and literature.

“We want to give our children the experience of being artists, and in a fun environment. In addition to the contest, we’ll have a reception with music and snacks. We’ll also display all of the artwork along the walls, so that children will experience their work in a gallery type atmosphere”, said Kelly Melang, Art Teacher at Old Richmond Elementary. “Our school loves to show off the talent of these young artists, and, at the same time, demonstrate to them that Art is really at the Heart of Old Richmond Elementary”.

Move It and Lose It Challenge…The Journey Continues

Move It and Lose It Challenge…The Journey Continues

April Kicks-off Biggest Loser Contest

April Hartsook training with client

April Hartsook training with client

The staff of Orthopedic Specialists of North Carolina is kicking-off their version of the Biggest Loser Campaign on April 16. In conjunction with the campaign, noted personal trainer April Hartsook will give a motivational speech on Wednesday, April 18 at 8am.

“This is what I live for”, said Ms. Hartsook ” I enjoy sharing my passion with others, and, hopefully, inspiring them to make some lifestyle changes”.

If you would like April Hartsook, Personal Trainer to speak to your group, or if you want to inquire about private training sessions, please click here.