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Forsyth Woman’s “Move It and Lose It” Challenge

Want to change your life? Step outside of the box? Off the scale and into a new lifestyle? How about Forsyth Woman’s “Move It and Lose It” Challenge?  Change your life in 90 days! Forsyth Woman magazine is calling for 25 women interested in changing their lives in 90 days! Become part of our challenge to become fit and healthy with not just an exercise program, but a real change in lifestyle. April Hartsook, personal trainer featured on WXII12’s Weightloss Challenge with Team Austin and Team Mary Beth, is ready to change the lives of 25 lucky women who are Forsyth Woman readers with exercise, health tips, nutrition and motivation. Contestants in our challenge will be evaluated at the beginning of the 90 days*, and will then begin a journey that will change their lives. Forsyth Woman magazine will share their journeys with our readers through our blog, Facebook page, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as stories in the magazine!  It’s NOT impossible! “We want people to see that adopting a healthy lifestyle is not impossible,” said Keela Johnson, publisher of Forsyth Woman and part of the challenge. “So many of our readers spend so much time taking care of others, and we want to give this gift back to them – more energy every day, a good feeling about their choices, and looking great!” And while it’s not impossible, there will be work involved. “I don’t sugar coat it,” said personal trainer April Hartsook. “We’ll be working, and working HARD those 90 days, but watching people become healthy and transform into the beautiful people that have met their goals – that’s the best part of my job.” Hartsook will work with the 25 contestants on personalized plans to achieve their weight loss goals. According to Hartsook, focusing on body measurements, not just the amount of weight lost, is key. “Body composition changes long before the scale,” said Hartsook. “Five pounds of fat or five pounds of muscle is still five pounds, but when it’s muscle, it looks SO different!”  Are you ready? Are you ready to change your life? Do you think you have what it takes? If you are a woman who is 25 pounds or more overweight and are willing to share your journey through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Forsyth Woman magazine, we want to hear from you! For a $100 registration fee (with a portion of the proceeds going to Hospice) you can register for our Forsyth Woman “Move It and Lose It” Challenge at The first 25 women who apply and are medically cleared will be eligible, so don’t wait – sign up now, and change your life today! *Evaluation day will be in March, exact date to be determined.

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Move It and Lose It Challenge

Move It Challenge

Personal Trainer Launches Her Own Company

For many of us, losing weight and getting fit was an important New Year’s resolution. Now, five weeks later, we’ve spent a lot of money on gym memberships, but haven’t seen any results. April Hartsook who counts among her clients some of the area’s most notable TV personalities, has a solution. “The best way to start working out is to hire a trainer, someone who can spend time with you, help you understand your body shape, learn to use gym equipment, and encourage you to stick with a fitness plan”, said Ms. Hartsook.

Hartsook has over 15 years experience in endurance athletics, sports recreation, nutrition counseling and sports conditioning, and today as a personal trainer and life coach, she translates that experience into helping her clients enhance their lifestyle and attain realistic goals. “I started my own company because I wanted to be able to provide my clients with a workout that works!”, said April.

The hallmark of Hartsook’s approach is to personalize a training regimen which suits each person’s individual needs. “Getting into shape isn’t easy, but it’s easy to give up when you’ve been thrown into a cookie cutter program. I work with my clients to set goals, not just for exercise, but for healthy living. I love training, and I want people to succeed!”.