Inspirational Journeys

Angie H.

Angie H

“When I first started in my journey I had decided that I wanted a change in my body and i needed to do something about it!  That first workout was very emotional in many ways. First I was there with other women who felt the same way I did and had the same struggles that I did. All of the sudden I was not alone in the way I felt! Having those other people around creates a wonderful sense of support. Second, I had no clue how out of shape I really was until that first workout!! I was not sure I was gonna make it through it or even be able to move the next couple of days! It is amazing though how if you just stick with something and dedicate yourself to it how it can change your life. I am not saying by no means that my workouts are easy now, but they challenged me in a different way.

I can tell so much how much my physical conditioning has changed since that first workout! I can do things today in a workout that I would not have been able to do from day 1. I am also not perfect and I have fallen down many times in this journey, but the most important thing is to get right back up and keep going which I would not have done before. My Want Different Do Different™ journey doesn’t mean that I am perfect, it means that I am human and when I have slip ups or make mistakes in my journey that I just take a second to regroup and start fresh again, not just fall off the wagon completely. Trying to change my life for the better is a daily task and daily I have to decide what I need to do to make my goals a reality!”

Maggie B.

“I weighed 278 pounds. I had a stressful job and a husband and two children I couldn’t keep up with. I was tired all of the time. I moved through the world without being in it. Life was passing me by. One winter day, I decided that I was going to do something different, but I knew I needed help.

Maggie B

I reached out to April Hartsook. During our first workout, I could barely manage one sit-up. I did ten steps and thought I would faint. April encouraged me. She refused to let me quit. I even came back for a second workout. And a third. I got stronger. And eventually, I lost 90 pounds. Seven months after our first workout, in what I consider to be one of my greatest accomplishments, I completed an all women’s, super sprint triathlon. 90 pounds represent a lot of fear and shame.

My workouts with April became a time when she helped me discover how to face not just physical challenges but those mental demons that have been barriers to a full life for many, many years. I have gained so many tools I need to continue my journey and meet my goals. April Hartsook has been a critical part of my success. She is authentic, tough, inspiring and a friend. With her help, life is not passing me by. I am in the world – living in it and loving it.”

Deb K.

“The day I met Coach April, I thought, “wow, what a beautiful pint size power house, and she is going to kick my hinney for sure!”. That first night she had me down on the floor doing a “plank” as I held up my body weight I could hear her yelling “keep your butt low”. I was about to collapse. I said ” do you have any idea how much I weigh”, she said ” yea, I just weighed you, do it anyway”.

Deb Kilty

From that point on I knew Coach A was just what I needed. She pushes and expects me to work at my FULL potential. I have been working out with Coach since October 2011. I ran my first 5K in December. And I am now on the Health and Wellness committee at work.

I have organized for Coach to come to the office two nights a week for a Boot Camp style workout. Yes, she is still kicking my hinney. However, I have 17 other co-workers along beside me working out and we are changing our lives together. Coach makes you see that life is not an ALL or NOTHING deal, she makes you look at what you CAN do, not what you haven’t done or what you should have done in the past. Today is all that counts. Live it ~ do it ~ change it ~! I can’t image my life without her being a major component.

Coach April, has a true heartfelt love for everyone of us and she cares about me and my journey, as well as yours. I will never be able to thank you for all you have done for me, forever I love you Coach A, Thank you!”