Personal Trainer Launches Her Own Company

For many of us, losing weight and getting fit was an important New Year’s resolution. Now, five weeks later, we’ve spent a lot of money on gym memberships, but haven’t seen any results. April Hartsook who counts among her clients some of the area’s most notable TV personalities, has a solution. “The best way to start working out is to hire a trainer, someone who can spend time with you, help you understand your body shape, learn to use gym equipment, and encourage you to stick with a fitness plan”, said Ms. Hartsook.

Hartsook has over 15 years experience in endurance athletics, sports recreation, nutrition counseling and sports conditioning, and today as a personal trainer and life coach, she translates that experience into helping her clients enhance their lifestyle and attain realistic goals. “I started my own company because I wanted to be able to provide my clients with a workout that works!”, said April.

The hallmark of Hartsook’s approach is to personalize a training regimen which suits each person’s individual needs. “Getting into shape isn’t easy, but it’s easy to give up when you’ve been thrown into a cookie cutter program. I work with my clients to set goals, not just for exercise, but for healthy living. I love training, and I want people to succeed!”.

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