Success Story: Tammy White

April has helped me overcome disbelief in myself. She has pushed me to think positively, move daily, and give it all I have. Even though I was not in good shape or health, she always encouraged me to give what I had, but not to hurt or injure myself.

Sometimes doing the best for yourself is taking a break or resting. It is also about not working alone, but being a part of a group that struggles just as I do. More than anything I am more aware of the potential my body has, its limitations, and how to continue growing and improving.

Throughout my life I have struggled with my WEIGHT, but April has helped me realize that the shape that my body is in is more important than that number on the scale. We smashed a scale on our first work-out. For someone so attached to it, I was shocked, but have stayed away from the dreaded scales through this journey.

I truly don’t know where my weight is, but I know I am stronger and have lost 25+ inches:)  My new motto has been adopted from April’s: WANT DIFFERENT DO DIFFERENT.

— Tammy White

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